Terms Of Service

Sponsor Connect is dedicated to those who have stepped up to help keep Open Source Sustainable. In order to qualify for services you must be an active Sponsor of one of our partner Open Source maintainers. The participating maintainers have the sole and universal authority to make decisions regarding abuse. Benefits listed on GitHub Sponsorship tiers may be revoked at the discretion of the maintainers.

Site Access

You probably saw something about $10 per month and said "Sign me up!". Please consider for a moment that the participating maintainers have agreed that $10 per month is a good level for those in less financially well off areas. We are seeking to help make Open Source sustainable. If your company is able to step up to the plate with a substansial Sponsorship please consider helping to get them to contribute. If you have the financial ability please consider a higher Sponsorship tier.

General Terms

  • Sponsor Connect benefits are an individual benefit and are not transferrable. For instance you may not create an account to sponsor and provide the Sponsor benefits to another individual.
  • You may create as many NuGet authentication tokens as you require. For instance you could create one for Visual Studio, another for Visual Studio Mac, and another for Azure DevOps, etc.
  • You may not share your NuGet authentication credentials with another developer. Doing so will result in your being banned from Sponsor Connect.
  • Companies wishing to provide access to their developers should contact the qualifying maintainer for guidance, as you most likely will require an Enterprise Support contract.
  • Sponsor Connect and the associated benefits provided by the maintainers are a courtesy to the developer community. The maintainers reserve the right to suspend benefits to any Sponsor who is abusive or otherwise creates an undue burden on the maintainers.


Qualifying sponsors may access the Sponsor Connect Discord channel. This channel is particularly good for members of the community to interact with each, ask questions, help one another, and provide feedback to the participating project maintainers. It is important to remember that Discord is NOT a cheap support option. While the participating maintainers will often provide some assistance, if you require actual support on your project please inquire with the maintainers about getting an Enterprise Support contract. Sponsor who abuse Discord privileges may be banned.

Code of Conduct

Open Source development is hard. Sometimes tempers flare, hey we get it. The maintainers who are part of Sponsor Connect have been doing Open Source a long time and are tired. Bottom line if you're abusive to any one of them, or any member of the community you may at the sole discretion of the maintainers find yourself banned from Sponsor Connect, and their various GitHub projects.

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